Admin Tools

The minecraft administration tools you were looking for.

Built by admins for admins

Packed with all the features a modern administrator needs

(With )

Noteworthy features

Response highlight

Rcon responces colored like they would be in game.

Encrypted credentials

Security is needed at this day and age.

Server and mojang api status

No need to look at websites for status any longer.

Scripting and modding capability

Command abrevations, executable scripts, Themes. Comming Soon

Gallery of screenshots

Look of the program is subject to change, so the screenshots might not be 100% accurate. But they show off the look.

Admin Tools rcon page


Multi credential support with these snazzy cards.

Admin Tools rcon page


Fast, responsive and colored. Everything you need out of a rcon client.

Admin Tools status page


Status of the server you are connected to and the status of Mojang api-s.

Admin Tools settings page


All the things in a neat little menu.

Getting started

Quick start.

Stuffs needed for a quick start.


Stuffs needed for development.

Source Code

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